Sat 21st May 8:30pm

An engaging, energetic performer and a true believer in the song itself, Sean McMahon writes the kind of songs that more than hold their own, and has a voice to back it up

He's a versatile artist with an unmistakable style that rings true across a variety of sonic landscapes captured in his highly regarded recording career to date, through the densely textured electric-guitar soaked alt country of Downhills Home, the sombre, sparse, bluesy hues on concept album 'Welcome to Gippsland', and the raw, dusty folk on 'Live At The Last Hotel' with acoustic trio Western Union.

While his last album could be described as a journey through heartfelt alt-country that beautifully conveyed a singer/songwriter's love affair with the American songbook and a 1930's Kay guitar, his latest offering sees him move away from an acoustic, singer/songwriter approach, instead exploring a more eclectic blend of elements within blues, psychedelic country, folk, and rock'n'roll with his new band the MoonMen.

After eventually reuniting with members of Downhills Home (Josh Duiker on drums and Michael Hubbard on bass), The 'MoonMen' hit Matt Walker's studio to lay down the basic tracks for 9 songs, before bringing in Ben Franz on Pedal Steel and overdubbing the finishing touches to the new album, 'Shiner'.

'Shiner' is at times personal and reflective, at other times ambiguous and playful, but as always, loaded with poetic phrase and melodic hooks, and all hung from the pickups of a 60's Harmony Rocket

Jared Brentnall is a Kyneton born and raised now based in Melbourne singer songwriter. Jared's band, Jarek have been a long-term fixture of the Melbourne instrumental music scene. In recent years, Jared has crafted his solo shows into a diverse collection of original material, covers and ambient soundscapes.