Sat 14th May 8:30pm $12

Hot Wings are the brainchild of stellar guitarist Lizzie Sedman (The Charlies, Telltale) a guitar goddess that has been hot and wingy for years! With influences drawing far and wide from Les Paul, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to The Break, to The Ventures,  Liz has carefully handpicked a band to bring her new surfy, swingy, guitar boogie sounds to life. This flaming hot bucket of wings is made up of Melbourne’s finest musicians, Scott Cherry (The Charlies) is nothing but brilliance on the bass. A musician that stands out from the pack and draws on his many musical experiences and influences such as Carol Kaye, Kyuss and The Bob Cats to masterfully give Hot Wings the bass of a lifetime.

Picture Nancy Sinatra jamming with Dick Dale and the Gun Club at the best party of the year. Because that’s precisely the type of exciting and eclectic mix of 50′s rock ‘n roll, 60′s surf and 80′s punk attitude that best describes the sound of Melbourne, Australia four-piece La Bastard.

Forming in late 2010 and quickly signing with respected garage rock label Off the Hip, the band have been acclaimed for their tight, reverb-drenched sounds and their notoriously wild live shows, which see band members crowd-surf, clamber onto tabletops, bars and furniture, and entire audiences join the band up on stage.