Sat 20th July 8:30pm

Special guest Belmont Haze

SarahMcLeod is the creative force behind ARIA Award winning, platinum-selling rockersTheSuperjesus. With over 20 years in the industry she hasexperimented with many different styles and genres. Collaborating withJeff Martin from the Tea Party, Chris Cheney from The Living End, SteveAoki , Tiesto , Dzeko And Torres, Hook And Sling , Electric Six and manymore.Having released 3 studio albums with The Superjesus (Sumo, Jet Ageand Rock Music) and two studio albums as a solo artist (Beauty Was ATiger and Rocky’s Diner) McLeod has proven herself to be one ofAustralia’s most diverse artists. Her most recent release ‘Rocky’s Diner’was written in New York and shows a distinctive 50’s soul influence thathighlights her extraordinary vocals.McLeod’s eclectic solo performances have consistently been met withrave reviews .“ I find that when I’m playing in The Superjesus , for me it’s more aboutplaying the guitar . My solo shows are a different though. The guitar workis really simple and its all about the singing . I really love the peace inplaying solo, to just enjoy the quiet and control the dynamics as I feelthem flowing through me. Its always very impromptu, I just move with thevibe of the room .”Armed with the work ethic of a runaway train, McLeod also has a passionfor acting and starred in Green Day’s American Idiot in 2018 playing therole of St Jimmy along side Grinspoon’s Phil Jameison and Magic Dirt’sAdalita to rave review