Fri 21st June 8:30pm

"After both having released their anticipated debut EP's last year, and both currently gearing up to record a full length album - Americana songbirds Katie Bates and Rose Zita Falko bring their unique and heartfelt tunes to Regional Victoria to play a magical night of music at Major Tom's.


Upon hearing the rustic tones of Katie Bates, you'd be forgiven for thinking she'd cut her teeth in music from the back of a Tennessee saloon as opposed to the dive bars of Melbourne, Australia. The Victorian singer-songwriter brings an attitude to the table that is seldom seen in the roots/country scene. A fire in the belly that simmers beneath a sweet surface of a gifted storyteller.

Her alluring single 'Rewrite A Page' from her debut EP 'New Gold' is like something straight out of a Quentin Tarantino film. 'New Gold' has the foundations of a traditional country EP at its core – but it sways, lingers and cuts its way past country clichés to become a record that is gritty as it is pretty.

Bates' sound pays respect to the likes of Gillian Welch, Gram Parsons, Tom Petty and Emmylou Harris. Like scooping a bucket through a wishing well of Americana, country and roots legends.  


"Bates' voice is soft, sweet, and very warm which tends to pulls you in as you listen. While New Gold has got that traditional country, heart and soul grit to it, the songs have a very modern feel, blending the eras of old and new for a new generation to enjoy." - The Music Below (California, USA)


There is no archetypal Rose Zita Falko song, her songs range from aquiet soulful meander through to upbeat toe-tapping sing-alongs. As a solo artist, Falko continues to expand her music vision by planning her album, further co-writing ventures and live performances. Her songs come from a place of dedication to the love of poetry, a love of melody and from a place of trust in the art of improvisation whether it is working with a song for a day, or over many years. Her first music project, debut EP, is a collection of songs that explores the concepts of loneliness and what that looks like in the alternate guises of gratitude and resentment. The songs are steeped in big picture story telling intertwined with heartfelt reflection. These are songs that you can quietly sit and ponder on, or stamp your feet wildly and clap to – but most importantly, relate to.


"Every once in a very long while you hear a singer who floors you... completely. That was Rose Zita Falko for me. Unique, striking, classy as a 50s starlet. Since that moment I knew I had to work with her, start writing. And so here we are! I couldn't be more thrilled with the songs we've written so far!" – Jeremy Edwards (Producer/Singer-Songwriter)"