Sat 24th Feb 8:30pm

Special guest Elwood Gray

Harry Jakamarra has a voice that stops you dead in your tracks. A punchy, Springsteen-esque growl that's imbued with the rugged texture of the West Australian desert where he grew up. 

Harry's songs are truly Australian . . . just like 'Wake in Fright'. A Kimberley Cowboy turned Mad Max, Harry tours in a vegie oil powered fire engine he converted to a house. He tears the roof off Pilbara pubs and southern sit-down gigs alike with his dry Guitar picking and dark, twisted lyrics. 

"And then Harry Jakamarra... just blew me away the first time I met him. He's kind of a genius. He's a bit of a multi-instrumentalist and can play the shit out of the guitar as well as having the amazing, gravelly, Bruce Springsteen-y kind of a voice. I think people are going to love him." - Missy Higgins ('The Music' magazine, 25/10/2017)