Sat 12th Aug 8:30pm

Soda Eaves play distinctly Australian folk music, incorporating atmospheric blues, lucid dream pop and warped found sounds.  They have released two LPs - 'Like Drapes Either Side' (2013) & 'Murray, Darling' (2016) - with a third due in the near future. Soda Eaves will be joined by Dalhousie, the new project of Frank Moylan. 

"Somewhere between folk, pop and shoe-gaze, Soda eaves have an enchanting sway that sifts through their understated, reverberating glory" - Swelltone Music

"Capturing a world most of us will never see, Core's slacker folk tales take us to a dusty time in the past of seedy lustre in downtown Australia. The lo-fi introspection is somewhat hypnotic and would work well on the beach staring into space or enjoying doing nothing sat in the sun."            -  Rough Trade