Sat 5th March 8:30pm $15 tickets

‘The Stiffys Go Driving’ tour sees Melbourne’s Art Rock pioneers back on the road after a massive year - which included 50 shows across the country, the release of widely acclaimed ART ROCK ONE and the addition of a guitarist. The band will venture beyond its usual capital city fan base thanks to new guitarist Dev owning a car, explains bassist Jason Leigh. “IT’S REALLY GREAT NOW THAT WE HAVE SOMEONE IN THE BAND WHO IS CAPABLE OF DRIVING BECAUSE ADAM AND I ARE BOTH QUITE FOCUSSED ON ENJOYING THE ROCK AND ROLL LIFESTYLE.” “IT’S BEEN A LOT EASIER FOR US TO TOUR REGIONAL AUSTRALIA SINCE WE TRANSITIONED FROM SAILORS TO ASTRONAUTS AND I THINK PEOPLE ARE BECOMING LESS CONFUSED BY US.” ‘The Stiffys Go Driving’ tour will see the band visit Belgrave, Moruya (NSW) and Kyneton for the first time while returning to Ballarat, Canberra, Fitzroy, Warrnambool and Wollongong.